Lots of Derek Jeter Game Used Memorabilia Still Available

For the first time since he was a teenager, he is not preparing his body for another season of baseball.  His long big league career is over, his spot in Cooperstown reserved and on ice for a few more winters.  His last game was in the fall of 2014.  If you still want a piece of The Captain, though, you've got plenty of options.  There is plenty of Derek Jeter game-used memorabilia in Steiner Sports' warehouse.

Derek Jeter game-used road cleatsThe company and MLB authenticated virtually everything Jeter put on or used, every base from most of his games during the final season and every ball put in play, whether he actually touched it or not.  Jeter has now signed much of the memorabilia.

There are game-used Derek Jeter cleats from road games priced at $3,000 a pair (not autographed).  We're not sure how often he changed them, but you can order more than one pair.

The nameplate above Jeter's Yankee Stadium locker was apparently changed each day during his final season, affording opportunities to sell several dozen, but they'll cost you $1,500.  Quite a few have apparently been sold in the last few years, but there are still some left.

FGame-used Derek Jeter batting glovesor $485 and up to near $1,000, you can own a pair of Jeter's game-used batting gloves from a recent season (about a dozen pair were still available as of this writing).

When playing shortstop, Jeter also wore a similar style glove (without fingers) inside of his fielder's glove.  One of those is available, priced at $859.

Game-used Derek Jeter jerseyOf course, the holy grail for game-used collectors is a game-worn Derek Jeter jersey and Steiner has several left, all of which have been autographed on the number and all of which were worn during road games.  There's one he wore against the Red Sox at Fenway Park in July of 2012 in which he collected three of his 3,465 hits.

You can also buy a jersey and pants, some of which have obvious evidence of a slide or a dive in the dirt at shortstop.  About 20 sets are available on the website.

Derek Jeter game-used autographed baseballEvery baseball used in a game in which Jeter saw action was saved this year (and quite a few from years past).  They, too, have sold well.  A Derek Jeter game-used baseball, autographed by the future Hall of Famer, will run you $1,000 and up, depending on the game.  Ordinary signed Jeter balls are $700 and up.

If you're on a budget--and we're not sure exactly what you'd do with this one--you can also buy one of Jeter's game socks for a little over $400.

Late last year, the Red Sox used MLB Auctions to sell the final hit and final out baseballs from Jeter's career.