Framing a Jersey

Owning game worn jerseys is a great hobby, but what fun are they stashed in a drawer or hanging side-by-side in a closet? Free those sports memorabilia treasures from a life of anonymity.  Framing a jersey has become a popular way to show off those special items, but there are a few things to learn before you start.

Why not keep them just hanging on a traditional hanger? Take a look at some old shirts and pants you haven't worn in awhile. As time goes by, the fabrics in the shoulders will accumulate dust, become stretched and weaken. If you do store your jerseys on hangers, take them off once in awhile...wear them around if you must.

jersey frameWhen framing an expensive vintage sports jersey or an autographed jersey, take a little extra time to buy a nice frame from a place that carries them. It's always a good idea to ask those responsible for the framing if they've ever done it before. Someone with no experience might not have quite the reverence for your 1969 New York Mets jersey that you do.

Look for a sturdy frame. It sounds obvious, but frames can be pricey. Don't skimp. You've bought the jersey--make sure you buy a frame you'll be proud to show off, not one that you'll be embarrassed to hang. Framers can help you match colors. Take advantage of their artsy side.

Utilize a higher-grade acrylic instead of glass for your frame. Glass can be cheaper but of course, it can break very easily. A good quality plexiglass might be OK. Again, a good frame shop can help you decide what's best.

Before you set that framer to work, however, make sure he or she knows the proper way to pin and secure the jersey to the matte board. Ask for examples. If you do it yourself, you'll need to decide how much of the jersey you want to display and measure the matting board, foam core backing and frame accordingly. A framer may suggest sewing the jersey onto the board. It's up to you, but most collectors would turn blue at the sight of a nice piece of some valuable sports memorabilia sustaining damage from a needle.

It's also a good idea to take stock of how much room you have in your display area and make sure the framed jersey(s) will fit before you do anything. No matter if you're about to display one jersey or an entire starting lineup of game-used gear, utilizing your space properly will enhance the display to an ever greater degree.

These days a variety of looks are available for framing a jersey.  Some cases even come with a team logo.

If you're looking for good prices on quality frames, try or eBay.